How deep do you have to dig, on average (in the U.S.) to reach fresh water for a well?



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    The depth and placement of a well depends, of course, on the area of the country where you live and the kind of ground found there.  On average wells can be found at 100-500 feet.  Few go significantly deeper than 700 feet.  The decision on how deep to go is a judgement made by professional who is familar with that area.

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    It also depends on the type of well.  Wells dug by drilling tend to be much deeper than hand-dug wells.  The average drilled well is over 100 feet deep, but hand-dug wells tend to be only 10-30 feet deep.  The problem with hand-dug wells is that the groundwater can be easily contaminated by seepage and often has to be boiled before it can be consumed.

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