How deep do the roots from trees go?



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    According to the site I’ve linked below, root systems do not usually go below four feet into the ground, and tend to be concentrated on the upper few inches of soil, where there is more water, oxygen, and minerals. This does not mean that some roots don’t grow farther, however (7 to 9 feet down in some cases).

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    It depends on the size and type of tree, but they don’t grow as deep as people think – it is typically not true that a tree’s root system is a mirror image of its canopy. They grow more outward than downward.

    With that said, roots rarely grow below four feet from the surface, and most don’t even grow past 3 feet, although there are exceptions. Giant Redwood trees typically have roots that reach depths of 6-12 feet, even though the tree could be a couple hundred feet high. Their roots do grow quite far outward, reaching radii of 50 – 80 feet around the tree. Trees’ roots typically grow outward a distance 2 or three times the size of the canopy, although more is certainly possible.

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    I’m not entierely sure but I saw once, in a National Geographic documentary, that there was a tree with a root system that went down about 30-50 feet. Again, I’m not sure though, I may just be remembering wrong.

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