How deep do potatoes grow?



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    It is advised that home gardeners plant potato seeds beneath 3 inches of soil.  As the potato grows, the gardener should add another 4 inches of soil on top after the fist 2 weeks, then another 4 inches 2 weeks after that.  After this first month, the gardener should add 2 inches of soil every week.

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    When harvesting potatoes, you can usually find them to about a foot beneath the surface of the soil. Potatoes are neat in that they will continue to put out tubers (e.g. what we eat as a potato) to  the depth that the stem is covered in soil. That is why it is recommended to continue to mound dirt up on the stem of a potato plant as it grows as mentioned above, as the plant will then send out roots in those spaces which will eventually become little potatoes.

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