How deep is the Colorado river?



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    The Colorado River contains rapids and calm portions throughout its length. Its depth varies from 6 feet to 90 feet, averaging at about 20 feet. The rapids tend to be more shallow, whereas the calm portions of the river form the deepest parts.

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    The depth of the Colorado River varies from 6 to 90 feet, with an average depth of about 20 feet. The shallowest parts of the river are the rapids, which comprise about 10% of the part of the river that runs through the Grand Canyon. The Colorado’s natural flow has been disrupted by construction of large dams, most notably Glenn Canyon Dam, which created Lake Powell. The dam has changed the river’s original regular flooding patterns, and has also destroyed the habitat of some native aquatic species. However, the Colorado is still a spectacular river, running through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

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