How dangerous is it to live next to a gold or silver mine?



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    generally no worse than any mine; see the many previous answers.

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    There are a few dangers to take into consideration if you live next to such mines. firstly, there are geologic  hazards resultant of  the mining process that may endanger the structure of your house, these include deforestation, which will weaken soil retention, making landslides and liquefaction from earthquakes more likely. Also, the underground tunnels, the danger of which you are surely familiar, may collapse, not only causing harm to potential occupants, but to the structures which lie above the tunnels (hopefully not yours!).

    Another problem lies in the introduction of large amounts of runoff from the excavated dirt into streams–a process that slowly acidifies water, and can be deadly to aquatic, as well as terrestiral organisms which need things like, say, fish, to survive.

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