How to convince commercial banks to go for green energy(solar powered ATM’s)?

I am Tarin from Bangladesh. I am planning to submit proposal to banks using ATM’s using normal electricity. It would be very much appreciated if you could provide me the know how of of the project submission details.




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    One thing you have to remember about any business is that when they look at making changes, it has to appeal to their profits, or ability to make money. I wish you could just suggest to them that it is good for the environment and such, but that is the sad truth. My best advice to you when writing your proposal is to include real statistics on how much money these banks would save on electricity by investing in solar power. I’m not sure on the power usage numbers in Bangladesh, but I would encourage you to do some independent research around the city in regards to things like how much electricity costs and how much these banks in particular use. Once you have a cohesive report that is full of useful data, find out the mailing addresses to all the headquarters of these banks to mail in your proposal. It would also help to find out phone numbers or extension lines for executives in each bank, as they would be the ones to address your report to directly. You will also need to be persistent if you expect anything to come of it, so check in with the company often to see how much progress your proposal has made. Remember to be polite and respectful when contacting these banks, so that they don’t just dismiss you as some crazy person. If ever you get the chance, try to set up a presentation to show the bank executives your proposal for further emphasis. Do not expect it to happen overnight, but if you remain respectfully persistent, you may be able to persuade them. Gook luck.

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      Dear Sir,
      Please take my sincere gratitude for your learned advice. I am into the research for collective information about the topic, as collectively reduces 50-60% cost and energy, the solar ATM’s should be the ultimate choice. But I am need of the correct and specific approach or right template of the project report. Thank you heartily for your suggestions and I shall try to go on writing the report accordingly.

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    It is so true what heliosman said about appealing to the profits, because that is what the point of a business is. It is there to generate a profit. Solar-powered ATMs have already been built in some parts of rural India. They are called Gramatellers. The article from Yale’s e360 has some good information about the benefits of the Gramatellers: they use less energy, give off little heat, and expand the bank’s business to places and people that previously couldn’t get it. I would do more thorough research on these ATMs and see how successful the already installed ones are.

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