How is composting helping the environment?



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    One of the less thought about benefits of composting is that it reduces the amount of trash bags and trash pick ups in general. Instead of throwing everything into those plastic trash bags, you can buy a reusable compost bin and use the compost materials for your garden. in turn you use less plastic and do not make trips to the nursery (less driving) when spring comes around to get compost sold in stores. If you are using a significant amount of compost and reduce your trash enough, you can also cancel your garbage services and simply recycle your own plastics and bottles (making you money) and taking a once a month trip to the dump.

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    Keeping anything out landfills can be a great help to the environment, proportional to the size of course.  Landfills are often made to be water-tight, and are covered when full, both actions make it very difficult for bacteria to break down the material within.  Newspapers from the 1970s are still found to be legible in landfills, though it should take only 2-4 weeks to decompose, even more quickly with water to help.

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    I think increased composting encourages people to grow more home gardens, which reduces the amount of carbon needed to transport food. It just generally increases other green habits.

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    In landfills, kitchen scraps and paper are compacted and break down anaerobically, producing ammonia and methane, a potent greenhouse gas with 26 times as much heat-trapping potential as carbon dioxide.  

    If the same materials are run through a compost pile, half the mass of the pile off-gasses as carbon dioxide, as opposed to methane. A problem, yes, but a smaller problem than methane.  Instead of off-gassing as ammonia, the nitrogen, and most of the minerals and trace elements present in the materials that went into the pile, are conserved and concentrated, producing a rich, balanced organic fertilzer that’s loaded with beneficial bacteria and fungi.  

    Composting converts a problem into a sustainability solution.  

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