How common are bio-plastics?



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    Bioplastics is a small but growing sector of the plastics industry. About 0.2 million tons of bioplastics were produced last year (as opposed to countless millions of tons of regular plastics), which may seem disheartening. But there is a 20-30% rate of growth of the usage of bioplastics each year, which is really remarkable.

    This increase shows us that there is both an increase in demand and an increase in production annually. However, bioplastics haven’t quite gone mainstream yet, and are still a novelty in many places. Large retailers and chain restaurants (Albertson’s, Sam’s Club, McDonald’s, etc.) have yet to start using bioplastics, but many smaller stores and local food chains (Washington and Oregon’s Burgerville comes to mind) have started widespread use of bioplastics.

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