How common are accidents on wind farms?



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    Only about 20 people have been killed due to wind farm accidents (falls for example) since the 1970s. The link below provides a good link to a useful website for some statistics.  Accidents with other types of wildlife are rare as well.  In fact, birds are much more likely to be killed by cars than by wind turbines. 

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    Electrocutions and crushing are also ways that people are hurt on wind farms. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of danger that is specific to wind farming though. All of these dangers—falling, electrocution, crushing—could happen on any site where large equipment and electricity is used. These statistics are nothing compared to deaths caused by oil rig explosions or mining accidents. Oil rig explosions have been known to kill ten or more people from one accident, and accidents in the fossil fuel industry kill5 5,000 workers annually in the US alone.

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