how come at a certain temperature our bodies get hot or cold

based on the temperature



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    Many of the times we are cold not merely because of the temperature but because of other outside factors like:

    • Low body weight Both fat and muscle mass assist in keeping us warm. Muscle generates heat and fat both act as insulation.

    • Skipping meals Some people get cold when they skip meals or ingest very few calories. The body then has to conserve energy and produces less heat in response.

    • Being overly tired Not getting enough sleep may be contributing to the cold feeling.

    • Low red blood cell count (anemia) Anemia can cause a person to feel colder than other people in the same room. It’s easy to check for anemia with a simple blood test and should be checked out if you are always feeling a cold sensation.

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    But when it is the outside temperature that’s affecting your bodily temperature, it happens in a variety of ways. One of these ways is through conduction, heat transfers to cooler areas/objects. How quickly heat is lost depends on surface area, temperature difference, and insulation between two objects. For example, if you go outside without a warm jacket on, or touch a hot stove without a glove you’re going to more than likely immediately feel the effects. However, if you’re wearing a jacket or have a glove on, the effects may take longer for you to feel. Also, depending on how warm/cold the temperature is you may barely feel it. Convection also is important in temperature change, which is the same as conduction only varying wind speeds are involved; weaker winds won’t cool you off as fast or much as stronger winds.

    In the cases of warm temperatures, the body usually uses sweat to regulate it’s own temperature. When the sweat is evaporated, the body cools down and the temperature is maintained. That is along as you can keep hydrated, once you become dehydrated you also stop sweating which can lead to heat stroke. If heat stroke happens the body needs to be cooled down immediately by having the person drink water if conscious, soaking them in cool water, and applying ice packs to the head, neck, arm pits and groin. If not treated, it can be fatal within an hour.

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    Most of the chemical reactions that power us work best at ~98.6 degrees. When the outside temperature is cool enough that our body temperature starts to go below this, we feel cold and take actions to warm up. In turn, when the temperature outside is high enough that our temperature goes above it, we feel hot and try an take actions to cool down.

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