How Is Solar Energy Collected?



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    Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells that absorb the energy in the form of photons from the sun. They then generate electricity through an electric current upon exposure to an electro-magnetic current. The transfer of electrons in this process is what results in the build up of the voltage we can use as electricity.

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    Solar energy can be collected though photovoltaic cells which are made of semiconductors, similar to those used to make computer chips.

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    Solar energy is collected through PV cells that use the sun’s energy to power your home’s needs. The energy can be stored in batteries to use at a later date, or sent to the utility companies to offset your bill and also sent to an inverter which converts it from DC power to AC power and then able to power lights, fans, tv’s and anything else you desire to power. Solar is also collected in solar collectors to heat your water to use for bathing and drinking or to heat your pool’s water.

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