How cold does it need to be before someone can get hypothermia?



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    Hypothermia occurs when the core temperature of your body drops below what it’s supposed to be. Even if it is very cold out, one won’t necessarily get hypothermia if they are covered up well and wearing lots of layers. But hypothermia can occur at temperatures of 50 degrees or higher in wet and windy weather or in 60 to 70 degree water. Any temperatures below these are good risks of hypothermia.

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    Hypothermia is a decrease in the core body temperature to a level that impairs both muscular and cerebral functions. There can be many different situations and conditions that can lead to hypothermia. For example, cold temperatures, inadequate clothing and equipment, wetness, exhaustion, dehydration, alcohol consumption, and hunger. 

    Hypothermia can occur in below freezing temperatures, but mild hypothermia can occur when one’s core body temp. drops to 98.6 to 96 degrees F, moderate hypothermia can occur when core body temp. drops down to 95 to 93 degrees F, and severe hypothermia can occur when core body temp. drops down to 92 to 86 degrees F and below. 

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