How cold does it need to be to snow?



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    The air temperature at the point where both the snow forms and falls must be at or below 32 degrees F (or zero degrees C). If the air grows warmer as the snow falls, it may melt and become rain before it reaches the ground.

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    The temperature at the atmospheric level where the snowflakes are forming must be 32 degrees Fareinheit (0 Celsius) or below for the water to freeze. On ground level, the temperature can be a few degrees warmer–I’ve seen it snow when it was 40 degrees outside! If the ground level temperature is appreciably higher than freezing, the snow probably wont accumulate on the ground but will immediately melt away.

    And, although it is never literally “too cold to snow,” when it is extremely cold, it is less likely to snow much. This has to do with the science of precipitation; warm air must rise and cool to form water droplets. If all the air is very cold, it won’t hold moisture well.

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