How cold does it have to be for it to snow?



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    For most places on Earth, the heaviest snows occur when temperatures are close to freezing, even a degree or two above freezing. This is because warmer air can hold more moisture than colder air. Since the atmosphere must have moisture in it to generate snow, if it gets too cold there may not be enough moisture for snow to form.

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    It has to be at or below freezing temperature (32 degrees Fahrenheit) in some layer of air through which rain is falling for the rain to turn into little icy snowflakes. This doesn’t mean it’s always at or below 32 F near the ground when it’s snowing, but snowfall usually brings the ground temperature down to 32 F, cooling the air as the snow evaporates slightly as it falls.

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    Temperature decreases with increasing altitude. If the cloud from which the snow originates is at or below freezing (32 F, 0 C), snow will form within the cloud. On the ground, it can be as warm as 43 F for snow to fall, anything above that and it will surely turn into rain. As long as there is a deep cold (freezing) layer above the ground, snow can fall.

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    Although there is no lower limit for snow temperature, the best bet you have for major snowfall is -9* celsius.

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    It can be as warm as 45 degrees fahrenheit when it snows.

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