How is coal naturally formed?



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    Coal is formed from organic remains that have been compacted, hardened, chemically altered, and metamorphosed by heat and pressure over long periods of time. When such plants died, their biomass was deposited in aquatic environments where low oxygen levels prevented their release of CO2 from rotting.  “Successive generations of this type of plant growth and death formed deep deposits of un-oxidized organic matter that were subsequently covered by sediments and compacted into carboniferous deposits such as peat or bituminous or anthracite coal.”  Some research suggests that most coal was formed during the carboniferous era (280 to 345 million years ago).
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    Coal is called ‘captured sunshine’ for a reason – plants that collected energy from the sun died and were buried by tons of low-oxygen swamp and sediment.  The low oxygen levels make it impossible for the CO2 inside to escape, meaning that over (very) long periods of time the vegetation/CO2 turns to carbon, the most important ingredient in coal. 


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