how co2 concentration decrease in atmosphere with algae

co2 concentration decrease in atmosphere help of algae, it’s proved that any laboratory experiment



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    Right now, the theory exists that a carbon dioxide sequestering algae reactor could be built, however this theory has not yet been put into practice for a number of reasons.  Conceivably algae and sunlight can create an endless combustion cycle with no net carbon emissions, but this has never been done.  Also, the energy efficiency of the reaction deteriorates over time down to 1.3% efficient.  This means the amount of area necessary to make an algae bio-reactor would cause an energy plant to cost nearly $31 billion.  Theoretically, this is a good technology, but implementing it is going to be difficult.

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    Algae lives on carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, it absorbs (inhales) the gases. Algae thrives in an atmosphere with concentrated levels of CO2 and absorbs more of the gases. Because of this property there is initiative to cultivate algae near power plants or factories that release concentrated levels of CO2 to negate the pollution or decrease it.

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