How close was Hailies comet to us?



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    Halley’s Comet passed closest to the earth in 1910, when it was 0.15 AU (one AU is approximately 150 million kilometers) from us. In 1835, it was 0.19 AU from Earth, and in 1986 it was 0.42 AU from us. In 2061, the next year that its orbit will take it near the planet, it is expected to be 0.48 AU from Earth.

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    As of right now, the Halley’s comet is roughly 32 atmospheric units (with one AU equal to the average distance from the Earth to the Sun). So right now, from some point on Earth, the comet is 32 times as far as the Sun. This may sound confusing, but basically it is really, really far. It was closest to the Earth in 1986 and will be the furthest from the Sun in 2023.

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