How close is the natural gas reserve to running out?



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    Natural gas is a plentiful resource. The current U.S. reserve is estimated to be 2,074 trillion cubic feet.

    Technological advancements are helping to expand the theoretical natural gas reserve. A new technique called hydraulic fracturing is being practiced, in which water is injected at high pressure into wells to shatter rocks deep underground, helping to release trapped gas.

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    Hydraulic fracturing is not a new technique; it has been in use for 60 years.

    Other reserve estimates put US proven natural gas reserves at 244 trillion cubic feet. The estimate in the NY Times (ref in other answer) includes probable, possible, and speculative reserves. Americans would do well to avoid counting on probable, possible, and speculative reserves of anything, especially when the estimate is so vastly different (factor of 10) from actual known reserves.

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