How close is NASA to building a space station where people can live?



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    NASA has no plan on building a space station for people to live. In space people lose bodily functions due to lack of gravity, and also lose bone density because of the same. People who go to the International Space Station will only stay for a short period of time in order to do research. It should also be noted that the space station is not only being built by NASA, many other countries are contributing to it and helping build it.

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    Well technically they already have with the International Space Station, but as far as a bigger, more advanced one I do not think so. NASA, like many other US agencies, have had to cut way back with the bad economy, and so any notion of spending billions of dollars on another space stations is probably not in the cards right now. Like the other post said, our current space stations cannot house people indefinitely because of the lack of gravity, which throws everything off biologically. If NASA and other space agencies around the world did have plans, they would need to put in some kind of artificial gravity system, which right now is difficult to manage.

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