How close is Colorado to being #1 in renewable energy standards?



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    Colorado is setting great standards in becoming one of the leading states in setting renewable energy states.  It has advanced its standard by setting goals of reaching a 30% renewable energy user by 2020.  That is going to be the best in the Rocky Mountain West and one of the best in the US.  States like California and Texas are probably ahead of Colorado in setting reneable energy standards but Colorado is still one of the leaders.

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    Colorado may be one of the leaders but most of the renewable energy initiatives are from Boulder and to some extent Denver.  Boulder has even passed a law stating that all of the municipal and residential power of Boulder will come from their own power grid outside of the main utility.  The main power utility in Colorado is Xcel energy.  Xcel operates a disgusting tar sands refinery in Commerce City which leaks cancer causing benzine into the ground water.  Xcel also operates a number of coal plants in Colorado. The outer suburbs of the greater Denver area also have despicable environmental policies.  For example in Aurora (one of the largest cities in the nation) there is no recycling program, and no push for renewable energy at all.

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