How close can you get to a tornado without being harmed?



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    This is dependent upon a few factors. There are different levels of intensity/size of tornadoes, and what the tornado is capable of or currently destroying, also speed varies.

    The scale of intensity and potential damage is as followed:

    F-0: 40-72 mph, chimney damage, tree branches broken
    F-1: 73-112 mph, mobile homes pushed off foundation or overturned
    69% of all tornadoes are F0-F1.
    These tornadoes cause less than 5% of all tornado-related deaths
    The average lifetime of the weak tornado is 1-10 minutes
    F-2: 113-157 mph, considerable damage, mobile homes demolished, trees
    F-3: 158-205 mph, roofs and walls torn down, trains overturned, cars thrown
    29% of all tornadoes are F2-3. These tornadoes cause nearly 30% of
    all tornado deaths and may last as long as 20 minutes.
    F-4: 207-260 mph, well-constructed walls leveled
    F-5: 261-318 mph, homes lifted off foundation and carried considerable
    distances, autos thrown as far as 100 meters
    Only 53 F-5 tornadoes have been measure to date in the United States
    since 1950 while Canada has had only 1 official F5 tornado.
    (a list can be found at ) ”

    Measurements and list from:

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