How is climate change effecting butterfly populations?



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    According to Sciencedaily, butterflies around Europe will be virtually extinct by 2050, if the current climate change trends continue. In the worst case scenario, 70 different butterflies species won’t have a place to survive, as their current habitat will get too warm. Climate change already showed it’s effect on the butterfly population in Europe, as 60 species have spread to norther Europe in recent decades. 

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    In response to a rise in temperature, butterflies will migrate to a place of higher elevation.  Ecology professor Arthur Shapiro at UC Davis conducted a study on butterflies in the high Sierra Nevada.  The study found a direct correlation between temperature increase and declining butterfly populations.  The monarch butterfly that migrates to the mountain forests of Mexico for the winter will soon be in jeopardy, as oyamel forests will no longer be able to provide protection.

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