How is climate change causing evolutionary change in mountains?



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    As you go up or down a mountain, there are different biomes depending on the temperature. Cooler temperatures are at the top of a mountain, and warmer temperatures are at the bottom of a mountain. As the Earth gets warmer, it will cause animals and plants at the top of the mountain to have a lower survival rate because they would not be adapted to the warmth. Plants and animals at the bottom of the mountain would have to travel up the mountain to survive so they could be back in their fundamental niche. Evolutionary change will occur so that those animals and plants who stay on the same level of the mountain will be able to survive for future generations.

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    The creatures who live in mountains are experiencing evolutionary change, and some are dying off completely. For example, large wild cats like the lynx, who tend to dwell in mountainous areas, are becoming less numerous as time goes on.

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