How is climate change affecting the penguins?



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    This differs from species to species. Some of the species known to be impacted:

    • Emperor penguins are currently under consideration for listing as endangered species. One of the reasons is climate change, especially loss of sea ice, to the point that some models predict near extinction by 2100
    • Adelie penguin population has dropped by two thirds over the past quarter century due to shrinking sea ice and food scarcity
    • Magellanic penguins are forced to go much further to hunt due to the displacement of fish populations by climate change
    • Macaroni penguin females’ ability to reproduce is believed to be hurt by reduced krill population due to climate change and fishing

    To add to that, 12 out of 17 penguin species are experiencing rapid population declines. The following are listed by IUCN as near threatened:

    • Gentoo
    • Magellanic


    • Humboldt
    • African
    • Fiordland
    • Snares
    • Western Rockhopper
    • Royal
    • Macaroni


    • Galapagos
    • Erect-crested
    • Eastern Rockhopper
    • Northern Rockhopper

    Whether they are in danger due mainly to climate change or other reasons, this status makes them much more vulnerable to sudden changes associated with global warming, such as reduction of sea ice that most of these species use for hunting and moving to nesting places, displacement of food sources, higher temperatures, rising ocean levels, and so on.

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    With polar ice caps melting it is diminishing the landmass for penguins and polar bears to live on. Penguins have adapted to withstand temperatures of 40 below with a thick layer of fat to keep them warm and a high metabolic rate to warm the body these poor little guys are in danger of overheating with increasing temperatures in the arctic.

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