How to chop off head from multi-headed Sago Palm

I have a fairly large Sago Palm, about 5 ft tall. It has a smaller sized head, about 1/3 of the main head, growing out of one of its sides. I would like to know if I can chop this off and not hurt my sago. The smaller head is starting to block a house window too much and needs to go. Not sure if this head I chop off can be transplanted. If it can, thats great but if not its okay as I am more interested in my main big sago. How should I go about doing this and what tools should I use?



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    It looks like you can remove offsets, or pups at the base or along the sides in early spring or late fall.  Gently dig and lift them from the base or pop them from the trunk with a hand trowel or knife.  You can dry the pups out and replant them in well-drained, sandy soil, with half of the rootball just below the soil surface.  Water thoroughly and keep in a shady area until rooting takes place – within a few months.   Other than that, you can remove the fronds that have gone yellow or have frost damage.   To be on the safe side, I would contact a local landscaper prior to doing anything and confirm that you have a Sago Palm and just ask the question so that you don’t damage your palm.

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      Its not a small offset or a pup anymore though. Its a faily large monster growing out of it. You can almost say its two but not quite. Do you think it wont matter that this head is so mature? Thanks.

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      If it is that large, I would have a landscaper come do an estimate and just ask them if you can do it yourself or if it will hurt the rest of the palm!

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