how to choose a location for recycling factory ?



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    I suppose choosing a location for a recycling plant would be the same as any other factory: you must evaluate your needs for the factory, city and county regulations, delivery and distribution methods, proximity to your customers, etc. I believe first and foremost, since we’re trying to have less impact on the environment here, try choosing a location that doesn’t have a huge impact on the existing environment, like an existing warehouse space. The location shouldn’t be near any major water sources or farmlands, as you don’t want to risk any contamination should there be an accident with chemicals and such. At the same time, you don’t want to be so far removed from your sources for recycling that it becomes a burden to transport material to the facility, so out in the middle of nowhere probably isn’t the best choice. Also, a factory demands a lot of space for all the machinery, so finding a location among urban settings can be difficult; try industrial park areas designated for factories and the like on the outskirts of cities. Try the latter website, perhaps it can provide more information on regulations to be aware of. 

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