How is chocolate made?



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    Chocolate is made in a very interesting process. It actually comes from a bean, known as the cacao bean. This bean was idolized in ancient Mayan culture, gaining the reference as a food of the gods. Once the cacao beans are stripped from their pods, they are then left to ferment. This fermentation process makes it so the chocolate isn’t as bitter. 

    After the fermentation process, the beans are then heated and roasted to reveal a smoothe cocoa butter inside. The process ends with a pressing of what is left of the heated beans, which are then mixed into other ingredients depending on the type of chocolate you are making. 

    Here’s a link explaining the process in more detail!

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    Chocolate factories take fermented cacao beans (the seeds of the the Theobroma cacao tree), roast them, and then shell them for the usable inner parts referred to as nibs.  The nibs are then crushed into a paste called coffee liquor from which cocoa butter and cocoa cake (which usually becomes cocoa powder) are extracted using a hydraulic press. 

    Once cocoa butter has been extracted, chocolate bars can be manufactured by combining cocoa butter, coffee liquor, sugar and whatever else manufacturers sometimes include (milk, soy lecithin, flavoring).  This mixture is then further refined for a smooth texture with rollers and a conch machine, which simultaneously refines, mixes and aerates the liquid chocolate. 

    At this point, the liquid chocolate is ready to be tempered and poured into moulds.  Once it solidifies, it can be packaged and sold.

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