How is China getting their money for green projects?



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    One of the ways China is making money for its green projects is selling carbon credits to industrialized countries. This is made possible by the Clean Development Mechanism, or CDM, under the 1997 Kyoto protocol. The CDM allows companies from industrial countries to buy carbon credits from developing nations to offset their emissions. In 2010, China expected to have 1.5 billion (converted to US dollars from the Chinese yuan) to put towards green projects from the CDM fund.

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    The U.S. has accused China of illegally subsidizing the wind industry.  According to the U.S., questionable grants issued by the Chinese government such as the Special Fund for Wind Power Manufacturing give an unfair advantage to Chinese companies in the global market.  These subsidies exclude foreign-made components, making it artificially more difficult for other countries to compete on an equal footing. Prior to these accusations, it was a requirement for foreign companies to already have experience installing large-scale wind power projects in China, without consideration for their experience outside of China.

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