How is China getting so many people if they have their one child rule?



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    This is not a rule imposed on all people in China.  Those living in rural areas are allowed to have more than one child.  However, this policy has been estimated to have reduced the current population by about 300 million from its predicted potential without the policy.  It appears that this policy will be up for review and renewal of cancellation this year.

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    The policy does not apply to everybody.  For example, rural couples are exempted.  It has reduced China’s population growth rate substantially, but there are still one million more births than deaths every five weeks. 

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    Despite China’s one rule policy, the policy is resisted, particularly in rural areas. Because of the need for agricultural labor and a traditional preference for boys who serve as heirs to the family, Chinese families still have families of more than one child. Families who breach the policy often lie during the census. Policy opposes sterilization and abortion, but despite this some government officials who are scared of facing penalties for failing to curb the population growth, will force abortion or sterilization, or manipulate census figures. 

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    Due to the threats of creating a population of a majority of men and not women. China revoked most, if not all of it’s one child policy as of 2008-2009.

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