How cheap do you think electric vehicles need to be before people start buying a lot of them?



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    Customer research in Europe has revealed that if electric vehicles could lose their hefty premium and carry a sticker price comparable to standard petroleum powered cars, that their sales numbers could reach up to 1.5 million units a year.  In France, a recent $7,000 subsidy for purchasing vehicles that emit less than 50grams of C02 per kilometer spurred EV sales.  Other factors that are preventing EVs fro mreaching more popularity is their charge time and limited range.

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    Jfulgenc’s response is very good. I think that they would need to be comparable in price to a standard engine before their purchases really soar. Since most Americans make their purchasing decisions based on price, perhaps many people are seeing how much more expensive the electric vehicles are compared to the standard engine, and are choosing a more frugal option.

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    I think that electric cars’ marketability will depend on infrastructure (charging stations, etc.) getting more and more in place — economics of scale. Based on electric cars being available in the mainstream, the wheels seem to be in motion for them to continue to become more attractive. Already, the money saved in gas makes them an arguable “value” buy.

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