How Carbon-dioxide can be captured from the atmosphere in the most effective way?

We want to reduce all polluting gases in the atmosphere.



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    Finding an efficient way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has been difficult. One group of scientists proposed an idea in 2007 that involves combing air with sodium hydroxide, which would then form sodium carbonate. If lime is added to the sodium carbonate, it turns into calcium carbonate, also known as limestone. This limestone could be heated, releasing carbon dioxide in its pure form, ready to be stored.

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      I am not satisfied by the answer. It can be applicable only on a small scale. Why not separate carbon and oxygen by some radiation? Carbon will precipate on the ground and oxygen will enrich the atmosphere.
      Otherwise, you adopt some strong photsynthesis process, which will absorb the extra carbon-dioxygen and produce oxygen like plants.

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      I agree it is not a perfect solution. From my research, it seems that scientists have not been able to solve this issue and have not created an efficient and effective solution. This answer explained just one idea that scientists had, and it was not meant to be a definitive solution.

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    Synthetic “trees” are being developed that are supposed to clean C02 from the air 1000 times faster than a real tree. The trees do not need water or light, but they do run around $30,000.

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