How can youth sports be made more eco-friendly?



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    Start small and go BIG! Small things: Kids and parents should see to it that they find ways to carpool to and from sporting events; Have kids walk or ride a bike to their practices if possible; When snacks are provided parents should make sure they are providing snacks that are healthy (organic might be tough) and the wrappers and cans should all be recycled! Big Things: A redevelopment of sports to involve energy generation! Kids have tons of energy! Why not have them use that energy to power the devices and tools we need in our everyday lives? I wonder how many watts of power could be made from kids skating down a hill and smacking some targets (which are hooked to axles which will spin an AC generator) with a bat ! Now that sounds like fun to me!

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    The best thing to do is take advantage of the fact that you have a group of kids in one place and try to educate them about environmental responsibility.  While the net effect might be years away, anytime teaching can take place, the world will be better for it.

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