How can you tell whether a diamond is genuine or not?



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    The only way to be sure if a diamond is real or not is to take it to a certified jewler who can give an apprasal and tell you whether or not the diamond is fake. However, there are some well known tests to check yourself (there are a lot of factors that can change the outcome of these test, so they are not always reliable). 

    -fog test: hold it up to your mouth and breath out to fog it. If it retains the fog for 2-4 seconds it is fake, a real diamond will disperse the heat quickly enough that you will not see it fogged up by the time you look at it

    -weight: cubic zerconia are the most common stone used to try to fool someone..Their weight is about 55% greater than diamonds for the same size and shape stone. If that 1 carat earring looks more like a 1.5, its probably a fake. 

    -transparency test: flip the diamond upside down over a newspaper. If you can read the print clearly, it is not a diamond (however some very low cut diamonds will not be true to the test). 

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    Jewelers are definately the best way to determine the authenticity of a real diamond.  An interesting niche in the industry has developed within the diamond industry, man-made diamonds.  These types of diamonds hold the chemical makeup of diamonds but are grown or synthetically created in labs.  Several companies are developing their own techniques and report their gems are exactly like a real diamond. 

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