How can you tell what your carbon footprint is?



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    You can use a free carbon footprint calculator online. They require you to fill in some facts—some more than others—but are pretty easy. The EPA has one on its page which is a lot more in depth than many others online. To get the best estimate, the EPA’s asks that you fill in exact numbers from your bills. If you don’t have that information, a more basic calculator might be best. The second link I provided lets you choose between calculating for your entire household and just for yourself.

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    There are social networking sites and widgets as well! For example, the CoolClimate Carbon Footprint Calculator is for US households to use and it’s free I believe. You can compare yourself to others in your cities or similar households based on size and income. There is also, a carbon footprint social networking site. It’s a free site that lets you track how much carbon you are using in your daily lifestyle and then lets you plan how to reduce that usage. Check them out.

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