How can you tell if the water in a lake is of good quality?



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    For a really cursory evaluation, you see lively wildlife and green vegetation in or near the lake, that’s a good sign the water quality in the lake is good. If the water is clear, but not crystal clear, that means there is photosynthetic life in the water, so the water has adequate amounts of nutrients and livable conditions. 

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    These days, very little water that most people come in contact with in nature is completely safe to drink. Notice that the companies selling bottled water often make a big deal about how far up in the mountains and away from civilization their sources are.

    100 years ago it was relatively safe for hikers to drink from mountain streams in national parks, but even this is no longer true, because people and other animals produce waste that causes diseases such as Giardiasis.

    Since lake water is likely to come from polluted sources, even lakes that look healthy are not necessarily safe.

    However if you are outdoors, and in danger of becoming severely dehydrated (headaches, sun stroke, etc.) then you have no real option, you have to drink whatever fresh water is available to you. (Salt water should never be drunk because you are thirsty, though!)

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