How can you tell if a fish is unhealthy?



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    If it is a pet fish you are talking about the signs are generally lethargic movement or slow swimming. Another sign, which is usually fatal, is if they are swimming with their heads at a downward angle in a circular motion, that is called Whirling Disease. Domestic fish breeds are very sensitive, so usually you will not have enough time to remedy their ailments, because it is more likely you will just find them dead. It is best to feed fish everyday and make sure their tank or bowl is clean or they may not be getting enough oxygen.

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    I’m not exactly what you are asking but if you are asking how can you tell if a fish is bad to eat then great because I have an answer for you. Bad seafood can make you really sick. I once had bad sashimi and I am scarred for life! I had a fever, cold sweats, puked and was bed ridden for two days but enough about me.

    Finding out whether a fish has gone bad or not is relatively easy. In general you can tell when a fish has gone bad by its smell, how it looks and feels. When a fish goes bad it develops a smelly fishy smell that is strong and can be overwhelming. Also take a look at the fish’s physical appearance. Check the edges around the fish to see if there’s any discoloration around the edges. Also check the eyes of the fish. If the eyes are bloody red then that fish has been dead for too long and is not as fresh. To check the freshness of the fish also poke it and see if the flesh is mushy then it is not that fresh.

    Always take precautions when eating seafood. Although fish is really good for you and can prevent heart disease, it can also poison you if not properly cooked or fresh. Remember once a fish is dead, always keep it refrigerated or on ice to prolong freshness. Avoid leaving the fish out in room temperature.

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