How can you tell if the dog you are buying is from a puppy mill or from a local breeder?



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    To ensure you are not giving money to a puppy mill, never buy a dog directly from a pet store, newspaper ad or the Internet. All three mediums commonly lie about where their animals are coming from. Adopting a dog ensures that your money is going to a good place, but if you want a dog from a breeder, ask them first if you can visit the premises before deciding. They should let you see where the dogs live, meet the other dogs, have healthy and well-behaved dogs in the house, and they should not always have a steady supply of puppies. The first link below is a checklist provided by the Humane Society, that you can use to make sure you’ve found a good breeder.

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    There are a few things you can do to make sure your future puppy isn’t coming from a puppy mill. First, you can adopt from a shelter or rescue program. If you want a puppy from a breeder, go to the breeders location and request to see where the puppies are being raised. Do not purchase over the internet or through newspaper ads. Look around a little at the breeders and ask lots of questions, find out how many puppies were in the liter, how often they have litters (you can always say that you maybe want one from the next litter just to ask). Ask to see other puppies from the litter and their parents too. Reputable breeders are also sometimes featured on dog club websites so doing some research will help find a good one. Also, take your puppy to the vet as soon as possible, they will be able to tell if they were raised under good conditions or not. 

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