How can you tell the difference between blue jays and steller jays?



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    The blue jay and steller’s jay are very similar birds, yet there are different. The first difference that one can spot is that the steller’s jay has a dark head and black mixed with blue throughout its plumage, while the blue jay is primarily blue with some white areas. Both birds are very intelligent and are often seen near forests. But another main difference is that blue jays live primarily on the eastern half of the United State and up into eastern Canada, while steller’s jay habitat ranges from the western coast of Canada all the way through Central America. 

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    While both birds are blue, they do not look identical. Blue Jays have blue, white, and black plumage all over their body. Steller’s Jays have black heads and blue bodies. If you’re looking in the wild, Blue Jays inhabit the west coast and Steller’s Jays the east. 

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