How can you stop a natural disaster from happening.



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    Although there have been cases lately of people trying to change the weather (as Russia did by preventing snow in Moscow) the only thing one can safely to do prevent a natural disaster, is to expect that natural disasters are Natural…

    You can try to prevent catastrophe by making smart decisions, like not building a house on a beach– where hurricanes, high tides, and sand erosion are only a few of the factors that could contribue to you losing your shelter.

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    The atmosphere is a huge whirlwind of conditions out of our control, just as the shifting of tectonic plates can’t be stopped.  Humans cannot prevent a tornado, or make it rain in a drought, or stop an earthquake from destroying a city.  Some of what we do may seem like we try to control disasters, like building levees or seawalls to prevent flooding, but if conditions are right, even those manmade objects can easily be broken down by nature.  It is impossible to hold back something like a giant thunderstorm or prevent magma from erupting starting hundreds of miles under the Earth’s surface.  The only thing we can do is to learn from previous weather patterns and realize that building a city next to a volcano is probably not economically viable.

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    Well, since they are inevitable. You should just stay as far from where they occur as possible. Like if you want to keep away from an earthquake, you should just live farther away from the plate boundaries. That will still just be common sense though.

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