How can you shop for clothes and be green conscious at the same time?



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    You can bring a reusable shopping bag each time you shop instead of having the salesperson issue you a new plastic one each time. You can also be more environmentally conscious by shopping at thrift stores; buying clothes that has already been used is a great example of re-using and recycling.

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    There are several clothing stores that design clothes with the environment in mind. sells clothing made from recycled and organic materials for every age and style. sells fun handbags made from old candy wrappers and newspapers. Research your fav clothing stores and find out if the materials used are recycled and who makes them.

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    Instead of driving all over town hitting different stores, you can reduce fuel emissions by sticking to a mall or downtown area where there are lots of stores to choose from.

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    Along with the other suggestions it is also best to see if the stores you shop at use recycled material. Also, carpooling with friends when going to the mall or another store can be better as well, that way you will reduce fuel emissions.

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