How can you prove that Bt protein comes from GMO plant but not from spraying with an insecticide?



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    The Bt protein is a protein produced by Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacteria that occurs naturally in soil, that is toxic to many insects.  It has been used as an organic spray insecticide for decades, and in recent years, scientists have managed to genetically modify crops to produce the protein themselves, thus eliminating the need to spray.  Since the protein is produced internally by these crops, there will certainly be a relatively large amount of it present in them at the time of consumption.  On the other hand, Bt protein applied as a spray may still be present, but in much smaller amounts.  The main reason for this is simply that, rather than being produced within the plant, the spray is only an external coating, making it susceptible to being washed away or degenerated in the presence of UV light (Bt protein from sprays has been shown to degenerate within two weeks in the presence of UV light).  For these reasons, scientist point to GMO crops as the cause of the presence of Bt toxins in the blood streams of humans, rather than to the spray form of the insecticide.

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