How can you naturally get rid of the salt in ocean water?



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    Hi! I answered this a few weeks ago here:

    There is also the natural process of the water cycle, in which water evaporates, some from the surface of the ocean, collects in the air as water vapor, and then falls back to earth as precipitation. When sea water evaporates, the salt is left behind, so the rain water is not salty.

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    Yes – nature gets rid of salt in ocean or brackish water through the hydrologic cycle, in which water evaporates and leaves salt behind, condenses into rainclouds and rains down (fresh water of course). You can pretty much do the same thing by distilling your own water. A distillation apparatus consists of a means of boiling the salt water, and a place for steam to go and get trapped and cooled so that it condenses, salt-free, for collection. Pictured below is a classic distillation apparatus. For instructions on how to distill your own water at home, check out this link.

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