How can you make a road trip green?



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    All the regular things that you usually do while green living.

    You might consider renting a fuel efficient car like a Prius if you don’t already have one.

    If that is not an option make sure the car you will be taking is properly tuned up and running as good as possible. Make sure your tires are in good shape, properly inflated and properly aligned.

    Pack lightly, lots of extra weight ruins fuel economy.

    At freeway speeds it is actually more fuel efficient to run the AC than the leave the windows open. At speeds below 45 it is more fuel efficient to turn off the AC and roll the windows down.

    Be careful about your meals and snacks. Going to the fast food driveway is not the greenest way to go as it creates so much trash with all the unnecessary wrappers. Consider buying local fruit and sandwich fixin’s as your drive through towns, saving money and garbage.

    Also maybe consider just scrapping the car and using mass transit like the bus or the train, little less stress don’t have to drive yourself and more people are getting moved in the vehicle.

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