How can you make a cartoon that says something funny about Canada’s way of life and how climate is connected to it?

This has to do with geography and i want to know something funny that you can say about Canada’s way of life and how climate is connected to it. I kind of asked this question before but i want to know something funny you can say about it. I forgot to say that.



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    You could make a funny cartoon on Canada’s park system, using mounties.  Mounties are funny.  Also, so are Canadian accents.  Mounty + Canadian accent = instant comedy.  Also, work moose into there.  Stereotypes are hi-larious!  Check out the citation!

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      ok thanks for the help but how does this have to do with how climate is connected to the canadian way of life? what exactly are mounties and if i do a cartoon on canad’s park system how is it connected to my question and is it possible that I can still use it?

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      A mounty (mountie?) is a steed mounted Canadian law officer (You can even animate a mountie on a moose, even though moose are technically too wild and undomesticated to ride). The Parks have a lot to do with the climate, because they are the most exposed nature, so the climate is more noticeable in a park or on a wild-life reserve, rather than in a city like Toronto or Vancouver. Mounties love the environment, and do sort of appear as spokespersons for not only law enforcement, and Canada’s nature, but for Canada as well. Mounties are a very well-known Canadian stereotype, with red outfits and “aboots” and “ehh?” sliding off of their tongues. If you are an animator, and looking to make a cartoon about this, you just have to do extra research and use your imagination for the rest. Google: Canadian Mounties
      OR the movie Canadian Bacon. Actually, just for a homework assignment, rent or buy the movie Canadian Bacon and watch it; that’ll definitely give you inspiration and idea for Canadian life.

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    Kent here from Beautiful Vancouver, BC. I love snow but unfortunately, I have to drive half an hour up into the mountains North of Vancouver to enjoy it. Remember the greif Mother Nature gave us during the Olympics last year?

    Here’s a couple links that give some insight to our humour (yes, there is a ‘u’ in Canadian “humour” and every other just about every other word that ends in ‘or’ if a US’er is spelling)

    sorry (sorry…yah we say that a lot) no ideas yet for a cartoon. Maybe a snowmobile with fat 4×4 tires cuz there’s no more snow. Not much funny about climate change is the problem.

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    how to make a cartoon script saying something funny about the canadians way of life and how climate is connected to it

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