How can you increase your lung capacity?



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    There are a lot of ways to increase your lung capacity! Here are some easy ways –

    1) Start doing a lot of activities that utilize your cardiovascular system! Swimming, running, riding your bike, or playing sports are all great ways to do that. Just make sure you stress your system, run hard, pedal hard, or play hard. You need your body to realize its lung capacity needs to increase before it will do it. Don’t hurt yourself, or go too far though. You should just feel like you’re working hard.

    2) Practice holding your breath. Again, use caution because you don’t want to get light-headed or pass out. When you’re doing this, try breathe in as far as you can, and then take in small sips of air after that. You’ll find that even after you feel your lungs fill, you can breathe in and “swallow” some more air into your lungs. When you do this, you should feel your belly pushing out, not your shoulders going up.

    3) Take up singing or playing a wind instrument. When learning how to sing or play a wind instrument, you will also learn proper breathing techniques. Again, practicing these will force you to use your breath wisely, and how to take larger breaths to play for longer periods of time.

    Hope this helps!

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