How can you grow vegetables in your home



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    The easiest way is to have a vegetable garden, which can be placed near a window. Most gardens would do better outdoors, for example in a yard, but it is possible to use a small planter box near a window as a tiny vegetable garden. Make sure it receives plenty of sunlight, and use a container that won’t leak water onto the window sill.

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    There are actually quite a few vegetables that will grow effectively in these windowsill boxes.  Leaf lettuce, spinach, and kale can all be grown in windowsill box gardens and are all very nutritious.  Radishes, carrots, and other small root vegetables can also be grown indoors.  Many varieties of herbs will work too.

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    You could use a hydroponic system, especially for plants like tomatoes. There are several hydroponic grow stores that sell indoor equipment, including hydro tents, hoses, and pots.

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