How can you get rid of silverfish without using toxic insecticides?



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    Your best bet would be to get a dehumidifier. Silverfish love moisture, so reducing the humidity is a good way to combat them. We used to have them in my house and don’t see them as much since we invested in one.

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    There are a couple of recommended measures people can take in order to get silverfish under control. Removing sources of undue moisture, such as faulty plumbing or condensation is recommended since humidity is favored by silverfish. Like simba said getting a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture content of the air is also an option. Some methods for dehumidifying include: mend leaking piopes, ventilate closed rooms and attics, eliminate standing water, and using a dehumidifier as an air conditioner. Regular vacuuming cracks and crevices can help physically remove silverfish from their where they are residing. Removing potential food sources of silverfish around your house is also been shown to be helpful. 

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