How can you detect if a tree is dead?



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    The most common (and easily noticed) sign is the tree stops producing leaves, or the number of leaves are a lot less. If you notice the bark is brittle and falling off, or branches and limbs are falling off, those are both signs as well. Signs can vary between different tree species.

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    If there are no leaves, signs of growth, and twigs snap rather than bend, there’s a good chance the tree is dead. 

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    If the tree is evergreen, a lack of leaves is a good sign.  If it’s deciduous, – the leaves fall in autumn – then leaves not growing back correctly is a good sign. 
    Also, if the tree’s limbs fall off easily or the trunk itself looks and feels different, that could be another sign.
    These are general signs; it would also depend on the species and type of tree you’re looking at.

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    There are many tell-tale signs that a tree is on its last breath. An obvious sign would be that the tree no longer goes through life cycles with the seasons, which includes loosing and regrowing its leaves or needles. Another sign would be the brittleness of the branches and bark; if the branches and bark break off very easily and reveal dry wood inside, this may be a sign that the tree is dying. Premature or unnatural drying of the leaves of a tree can also be a deathly sign; this is especially true with evergreens, for if all or most of their leaves or needles turn brown and fall off, this a bad sign for the tree. A very apparent sign is tree rot, in which sections of the tree have caved in or appear as gaping holes. Trees can usually fall onto their sides due to tree rot.

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