How can you cook vegetables to minimize nutrient loss?



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    The best way to cook vegetables in order to reduce nutrient loss is to steam them or microwave them. When vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage are boiled, a main anticancer ingredient called gucosinolate, is destroyed. However, this is only a generalization. For more specific information on a per vegetable basis, the below NY Times article breaks down the best way to eat a variety of popular vegetables.

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    Definitely steaming them.  In fact, for some foods, it even increases the amount of nutrients!  On top of that, it’s usually best for your health and fits with most recipes.

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    Instead of microwaving, another good healthy option is roasting. Toss with one or two tablespoons of oil, stick the vegetables flat on a baking tray. Or, instead of using oil, you can often toss the vegetables with broth and roast that way. Not only is roasting healthy, it also intensifies the flavors.

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