How can you buy organic food on a budget?



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    Great question! I just spend the last few years in college doing this! As an athlete trying to get bigger and consuming 5k calories + daily, it was especially difficult! but here are some great tips that helped me:
    1) Buy in bulk – this is especially good if you have roomates, you can all pitch in
    2) Cook in large amounts: I would make $60 worth of an organic chili recipe that would last me about a week – I dont get tired of eating the same things easily
    3) Go to Farmer’s Markets at closing times. You can haggle them down ont their prices then.

    Also, check out the USDA food plans for eating on a budget!

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    The best way to buy organic food on a budget in my experience is to stick to the fresh stuff. You can walk away from the market with 5 pounds worth of vegetable for a decent price. Organic begins to get really pricey when you start buying the prepackaged organic food and sauces.

    Another great way to get this produce is to buy locally at a farmer’s market. The website below has 17 good tips on how to eat organic and do it cheap.

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